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November 2, 2006

How often should one post?

Well if you look around the net you will find that the sites with the highest pagerank, most readers, most comments (normally) , and content will be Blogs that have a lot of posting. Here’s another way to think about it. : The more posts (content) on your site, the more content that will get indexed, meaning the more traffic that is possible to come from search engines. It will also give reason for your readers to return. So post as much good quality content as you can.

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November 8, 2006

Should I use Blogger or WordPress?

Many people who don’t want to pay for a domain and hosting. So they will use free blogs. There’s 2 major Free Blog Hosters. Blogger and WordPress. Now, which one is best for me I hear you ask? It’s very personal. I like the WordPress features so that’s why I use their software. But in saying this Blogger does not have there software available for private use. It must be used on Blogger’s site.

They are both basically the same software just that Blogger gives you the feature of being able to implement Google Adsense. Which is a real advantage if you want your blog to make any money. Blogger is owned by Google so you can expect fairly good support. WordPress has a great community forum if you need help with your blog. If you’re not in it for the money, there’s no real difference if you choose WordPress or Blogger.


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Why is no one posting comments on my blog?

One thing all Blog Admins love is when they get lots of comments on posts from people reading their Blogs. It may be depressing at first if there’s no comments. But work at this. Post stuff that interests people, maybe even include questions and stuff. Blogs that have higher page rank will always get more comments. This is because people that post comments on the Blog are interested in getting back links. Keep posting good content, and people will start posting comments!

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Tips for being a sucessfull blogger

There’s no get rich quick way with Blogs. Anyway, I’m not exactly an expert but I do have some tips to help Blogger maximize traffic and income.

– Update content as much as you can. The more content the more traffic. Simple as that. It will also keep your readers coming back.

– Unique content, don’t go and copy it of another site. Write some unique articles. Search Engines will love you too.

– Customize your blog. Make your blog stand apart, install plug ins, use different themes.

– Link exchange with other Blogs. This helps increase pagerank and get more traffic.

– Blend Adsense. One of the worst things is when Adsense stands out too much. Try to blend Adsense in.

– Use correct grammar. No one wants to read a Blog that’s got bad English and that’s hard to understand.

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November 9, 2006

Simple way to increase Adsense earnings

Do you ever wonder why it is you get low clicks sometimes? 1 cents – 10 cents? This is because the Adsense Publishers are offering low amounts. Some times they offer a low amount because they have Adsense on their website too. And they might get 10 cents a click for every 1 cent they pay. These sites are known as “Made For Adsense” Yep, it does suck a lot!. But there is a way around this to increase your earnings.

Go to Adsblacklist, Sign Up, put in your URL and keyword, click generate. You will then get an extensive list of 200 sites to block.

Now go to your Adsense account, Click on Adsense Setup, Then click on competitive ad filter, copy and paste the websites you were giving from Adsblacklist . Now wait till Adsense blocks those sites.

Site back and let the earnings roll in.

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November 10, 2006

Why am I getting impressions but no clicks?

Just because you’re getting impressions does not mean you will get clicks. It’s not like where if you get 100 impressions you will get 1 click. Impressions are not the same as hits,uniques or any other term used for recording traffic data. Impressions are how many times an add is viewed. So if you’ve got 3 Adsense Ads, all visible on the same page. When someone goes to your site that should = 3 impressions. There are various ways to increase your Click Through Rate. (CTR) Your CTR rate is what percent of your users click on the ads against how many impressions. So if you’ve had 100 impressions and 1 click, that’s = to a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 1%.

Most peoples Click Thought Rate has a range of 1-3%. But there’s no guarantee for any ratio.

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Adsense – Blending

Blending is what I use on my site. Blending looks like as if the Ads were a part of the site. Users normally react better to this and will click on the Ads because they look like a part of the site. If you blend Ads correctly your Click Though Rate (CRT) should increase, thus increasing revenue.
To blend, make the background and borders of your ads the same color as the background of your page where the ad is placed. If your site has a white background and you don’t want to spend a lot of time choosing ad colors.
Below is a example of blending

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