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September 3, 2007

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Link Builders

Link Week
After attending the recent Search Engine Strategies conference and listening to a number of panels discuss the relationship between content and links, I couldn’t help but notice similarities between what was being said and the principles highlighted in Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey’s work suggests people can be successful in business and life when they’re effective at doing things that bring about desired results. He wrote the book long before the internet became part of our daily life, but the principles are timeless and certainly apply to people developing links.

We all know there are various types of link building tactics available. They have names like “directory submissions,” “link bait” or “article writing” and follow a fairly cookie-cutter process that does little to lay a foundation for building a business reputation. Used independently, these tactics can certainly produce results, but if you want to get incremental, quality business to come to you instead of having to spend time and money drumming it up, consider turbocharging your link tactics with these seven “habits” of effective link builders.

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A Thorny Issue: Detecting Mobile Search Click-Fraud

Locals Only - A Column From Search Engine Land Search engines, Internet Yellow Pages and other mobile service companies are looking to aggressively deploy applications and advertising through wireless devices, and the iPhone has heated up the intensity another notch. Both Google and Yahoo claim a spike in local search queries coinciding with the iPhone’s launch, indicating that both companies continue to perceive their mobile space presence to be a strategic priority. But all the big players have already been pushing towards providing more mobile services even before the iPhone’s advent.

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September 4, 2007

PayPerPost Secures $10 Million in Venture Capital Funding

According to the Orlando Sentinel, PayPerPost (PPP) is continuing to grow with the help of $10 million dollars in new venture capital funding. The article goes on to provide some numbers regarding the size of PPP’s network of both advertisers and publishers (emphasis mine):

PayPerPost connects advertisers, who want promotion for products or services, with bloggers for hire. Advertisers determine whether they want a positive, neutral or even a negative review and how much bloggers will be paid. PayPerPost has about 8,700 advertisers and 50,000 bloggers. Most advertisers choose neutral reviews because bloggers are more likely to take those, company officials said.

With a network already of that size, PPP is clearly poised to grow. This funding though shows that the same paid blogging opportunities that have muddied the waters of search engine marketing are here to stay a while longer.

Stay tuned to see how Google and others react to news in this industry, as it’s been a primary reason for them to be concerned about paid links and their impact on search rankings.

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September 5, 2007

StumbleUpon Phenomenon : An In Depth Look At A Social Networking Giant

With more than two million registered users, StumbleUpon has rapidly become a major player in the social networking craze that has swept through the computers of millions of web users, worldwide. Founded in 2001 by software engineers, Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith and Justin LaFrance, the three Canadian Nationals set forward to build a new take on an age old tool, the search engine.

Later purchased by Ebay, Inc. in 2007, StumbleUpon was the first of its kind, allowing a user to select specific keyword tags and then be randomly directed to web sites meeting that criteria from a simple click of the toolbar. With the added functionality of social bookmarking, users are given the ability to tag and submit their favorite sites, allowing you to keep them available for later reference and share them with friends.

Working With StumbleUpon

The first steps to getting started with StumbleUpon is as easy as setting up an account and downloading the StumbleUpon toolbar available for use with the Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers. Once you have the technical stuff out of the way, we would recommend spending some time browsing the site, search for friends, browse people with your interests, create a new blog and of course, discover new sites.

The next step, would be to add your own blog to the StumbleUpon directory. This can be done through your StumbleUpon toolbar. Traveling to your site and clicking the blue thumbs-up symbol will allow you to add the corresponding tags and description of your page, making it easy for users with similar interests, to find your site.

Adding your own blog to StumbleUpon can be a great way to drive targeted traffic for free. StumbleUpon is well known for its ability to drive large amounts of traffic to the stumbled sites within its directory. It is of course impossible to say just how much traffic any one site will receive after being stumbled, however there have been many reported claims from bloggers that StumbleUpon has brought anywhere from 100 to 12,000 plus visitors in as little as one day.

Many bloggers have turned their entire marketing efforts towards StumbleUpon’s traffic and in some cases it has shown to be a well made decision. As with any social networking tool, an important factor in your marketing efforts should be involving yourself within the community. StumbleUpon makes this a fairly easy process by enabling users to browse through others with similar interests. Adding these people as your friends may give you additional exposure to your site and of course the opportunity to meet new people, which is altimately what social networking is about.

A Quick Thought On Money

Monetization always seems to follow the topic of traffic and with StumbleUpon I have found it to be no different. Making money with StumbleUpon is really no different than the traditional financial means for most bloggers. Simply put your already in place advertising efforts are all you need to make money from any social network site. Leveraging traffic, that is what makes your wallet sing. Use the social networks to bring large amount of visitors and if you have the standard text based ads, affiliate reviews and other advertising in place, you will not need to make any special changes to earn a passive income.

Most bloggers earn money in numbers. You can sell advertising space, however if you have no traffic you won’t find anyone willing to purchase it. You can place ads on your site and write affiliate reviews, but with no traffic you won’t have anyone click it. So before getting to far ahead of yourself, focus on bringing people to your site and StumbleUpon is a great way to do that. Once you have them there, then you can sell them something and that is the best way to make money with StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon Tools and Resources

Here is a short listing of some of the other available StumbleUpon tools and resources to help get you started stumbling.

StumbleCrumble – A WordPress plugin that will display sites you have recently stumbled in the sidebar, header, footer or anywhere else you choose, on your own blog.

StumbleThis Button – Easily allows visitors to promote your site on StumbleUpon with the click of a button.

stumbleXchange – Although some may consider the technique unethical, this service allows you to promote your site by exchanging stumbles with other users.

StumbleVideo Button – Place this button on your site and share your favorite videos with other Stumble Upon users.

Making a Power Stumble Account – A huge list of tips and tricks to becoming a power Stumble Upon user.

Ultimate StumbleUpon Resource – A listing of many articles written about StumbleUpon covering a variety of topics including, monetization, performance, tactics and more by Mike Bogo.

Sujan Patel is Director of Search at Single Grain, which specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

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September 7, 2007

Tracking Hot Topics On Wikipedia

Wikirage is yet another Wikipedia data mining tool. This one lets you see what topics are hot by quickly identifying the 100 most edited articles for the last hour, day, week, or month. If you like to track rising keywords and memes, this tool is a fine place to start.

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Searcharazzi: The Big O. The Big E.

Searcharazzi - A Column From Search Engine Land

This morning Omniture announced that it has agreed to buy Offermatica and sidekick division OTTO Digital for $65 million. Still waiting to hear from the ranks as to whether this was too much, too little, or just right. As if that’s not enough “O’s” for you, Optimost, another landing page optimization firm, is also been rumored to be on the block.

As for the E, Chris Zaharias announced a few weeks back that he has left SEM Efficient Frontier, also known as eFrontier. While this might not be “new” news, Searcharazzi got wind that this is actually the second time he has left the firm. No details on his next steps, but we’re banking on a new start up.

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September 10, 2007

Microsoft adCenter Offers Appealing Upgrade

Microsoft upgraded the adCenter user interface early Saturday morning. Within each ad group, the Keywords tab now shows complete statistics and provides editable boxes so the user can change bids on that same screen. In previous versions of adCenter the keyword statistics were presented on one page, and editing happened on a different page. Switching from page to page was clumsy and made campaign management more costly because of the time involved.

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