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March 28, 2008

Google AdWords Feature: AdSense for Domains Opt Out

Should you opt for the new AdSense for Domains opt out feature, quietly launched with the Google AdWords upgraded Site Exclusion tool?

(Author’s Note: This is a long overdue followup to Google AdWords & Domain Parking : Garbage Paid Search?)

The site exclusion tool applies to the content network. However, notice what happens if you click on the “Page Types” tab from within a pure search advertising campaign:

parked domains clicks

Google issues the following, confusing alert:

This campaign is not opted in to the content network. Most site and category exclusions do not apply to this campaign.

However, domain parking ads have clearly been running in this *search-only* advertising campaign. Via the checkbox, it is now possible to block this traffic. Do so if the conversions are poor. In the above case, NONE of the 916 clicks resulted in a conversion. Why?

Because the traffic being routed through the search network from these parked domains is not the generic keyword searches promised by Google.

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In The Trenches, March 28, 2008

In The Trenches - A Column From Search Engine Land
In The Trenches is a weekly spotlight of tips, tricks, and news about the tools search engine marketing professionals use to give them a leg up on the competition. Today: News from the search engines, today’s in-depth look, “What You Don’t Know About Quality Scores May Kill You,” and this week’s free tips and tools.

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Youtube Video Analytics : A Video Tutorial and Overview

On March 27th Youtube officially released its first version of video analytics. This release brings new depth and attention to the importance of video marketing. Being the 3rd most trafficked site globally and the fact that the generation Y trend for video viewing has skyrocketed literally making online videos the new TV, according to emarketer, has helped to propel the recent attention onto online video marketing.

Video marketing was in the same category as mobile marketing for quite some time. Not many online marketers paid much attention to video but recently there has been an increasingly more predominate usage of video marketing and is becoming a standard tool in the Internet marketers toolbox. (more…)

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March 31, 2008

Offline access to Google Docs

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Announcing Project Virgle

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