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July 10, 2008

The SEO Adrenaline Junkie, Interview with Todd Malicoat

The SEO Expert Series continues with Todd Malicoat, perhaps best known to the SEO community as Stuntdubl.

When the opportunity arose to discuss one advanced subject with the SEO expert, who is respectfully tight-lipped on specific techniques, the next best subject was how he manages to stay relevant in a sea of noise. The self-proclaimed shameless marketing whore and adrenaline junkie has been noticeably absent from sites like Sphinn and much of the back and forth chatter on Twitter (until recently, follow Todd!). So, I had to ask, how can he possibly stay informed on major trends without getting overwhelmed? I was hoping for a kernel of time balancing genius, a secret time machine that only SEOs of a certain stature received a key to. Todd didn’t have the “Easy” button, but he did have some excellent business advice.


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