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December 3, 2011

4 Techniques to Write Persuasively

The art of persuasion has been considered to be an important one, whether this involves spoken or written communication – starting with Socrates back when the Greek Civilization was at its peak. It still remains one of the much-desired skills that writers should possess.

So here are 4 techniques that are commonly used in content writing:

#1: Explain the Reason Why

Appealing to your audience’s logic in providing them a plausible reason to do something has always been known to work. Sometimes even if the reason doesn’t seem to make sense! Think about it: Would you do anything if someone didn’t give you an explanation as to why you should?

#2: Social Proof

Almost all of us look to other people to guide us to make choices in life, and one of the ways by which this can exemplified is by the testimonials and outside referrals that occur in social media. It makes a big difference to use these ‘elements’ in your writing.

#3: Contrast and Compare

Using metaphors, analogies and similes are probably one of the best way by which a writer can persuade his audience since they’re able to make a connection to things that are already accepted as true.

Yet more commonly, people also use these elements to contrast between two topics as well.

#4: Addressing Objections

Handling objections when you write is probably one of the best ways to be persuasive because if you don’t – they won’t buy. You will only be able to do this successfully if you know your subject well enough.

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December 9, 2011

4 Tips To Succeed With Your Email Advertising Campaigns

Email is one of the most personal advertising medium in history. That’s what Seth Godin thinks. No one disagrees considering that his book Permission Marketing changed the way people viewed email marketing and the CAN-SPAM Act.

And its common knowledge what spam can do to customer loyalty, and so here are 4 tips that can be considered ‘best practices’ when it comes to email advertising:

#1: Obtain Permission

Getting permission is probably not so difficult – if you offer valuable information or a discount on your product this usually works. However, not obtaining their permission can lead to the loss of customer goodwill and even penalties, thanks to the CAN-SPAM act.

#2: Build an organic and targeted email list

Since permission is the all-important factor, the best way to build a list where your emails won’t be considered as spam would be to ask your friends and customers to ask their friends to sign up. People who are interested sign up and within no time; you’ll have an email list of customers that are looking forward to do business with you.

#3: Story-telling is your best strategy

One aspect of good writing it to maintain the reader’s interest and when you tell a good story but only in short installments, you keep their interest by that “To be Continued” style. The same reason why people can’t wait for the next episode when watching their favorite soaps!

#4: Take time to build customer relationships

Just as it takes time to build a community for your blog or social media campaign, it’s no different with email marketing. Staying in touch with your customers is probably the smartest thing to do without which they are certain to do business with someone else.

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December 17, 2011

4 Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

The use of social media can make a difference whether you want to take your company to the next stage of marketing or are just getting started. Involving this powerful medium in customer communications, brand and product promotions and business development is probably the smartest thing to do.

In order to get started, here are 4 social media tools that entrepreneurs must have:

#1: Google Apps for Domains

To put it simply, with this tool, you won’t see networking and office equipment costs balloon almost immediately. Where the option was to use Microsoft Outlook and Office Suite for basic operations such as email, calendars and word processing or spreadsheet software, now this tool can offer you’re the same at no cost if you use the Standard edition or $ 50 per user per year if you opt for the Premium version.

#2: LinkedIn

This tool is probably one of the most important for networking in finding potential clients as well as hiring candidates for a position that you might have vacant. Most hiring managers use this tool to find suitable candidates over Facebook and Twitter.

#3: Basecamp

This tool is one of the best project management applications available to entrepreneurs where you stay on top of your clients, customers and partners as well. To-do list, milestones, file sharing, time tracking and so on and so forth are a part of this cost-effective online tool.

#4: Facebook

If you are a startup company, there is probably no site like Facebook on which you should make your presence felt. With an obvious advantage of being the largest social network, raising visibility for your brands, building relationships and being able to target the right audience comes easily with this tool.

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December 18, 2011

About Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software makes it so advertising is easier for you. However, when you are using one of these applications, you must make sure that you are not violating any spam laws. If it comes across as you spamming you will not meet your marketing goal. However, if it is applied properly you will find yourself attracting new customers. This in return will also help increase your profits.

Email marketing is something that quite a few individuals and businesses are using to attract more viewers, readers and customers. If you have good marketing skills in general you will see an increase in the areas that you feel could be improved. However, if you do not have good marketing skills in general you will find that the software may not work as good for you as it works for some of the other people that you may know.

There are classes available online that can help you increase your marketing skills as well as ones that will offer you newsletter templates. One of the main things that you will find out about email marketing is the fact that with the right approach you can reach any goal that you desire. Think about it hasn’t there been a time where you have received an email with such a catchy subject that you just had to open it? Everyone has his urge from time to time depending on how well the marketer knows how to market themselves. It is amazing which classes in society will go for new things simply because of their marketing skills.

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