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April 3, 2012

5 Timeless Content Writing Tips from Masters of the Written Word

How would you like to write better?

No, this is not just for writers but for those who communicate using the written word as well, using the mediums of text messages, instant messaging and email. In that sense, we’re all writers.

So, here are 5 timeless content writing tips from masters of the written word:

#1: Write all the time

The only way that anyone can get better with writing (or communicating) is by writing continuously rather than sporadically, and from time to time. Great writers claim that writers who can’t wait to write when they have a free minute are actual writers.

#2: Keep it simple

It’s easier to write with complexity rather than to write with simplicity. Writing is anything but long and drawn out. Yet when you are able to communicate your thoughts in the simplest way possible, the effectiveness of your writing becomes evident – through your readers.

#3: Thrive on Criticism

Your readers are the ones who will either tell you whether you are writing well or aren’t. And it is a good thing that some of the best writer didn’t trust the praise but actually made the most of heckling that comes with this profession.

#4: Cut the boring parts out

Your goals when writing anything should be to get the reader’s attention. Usually with the short attention span over the internet, it becomes important that what you are publishing is of use or interesting or both. So remove anything from the write up that feels boring, and which people would skip.

#5: Eliminate unnecessary words

Words like extremely, really, actually and very are not the wisest words that you can add in a write up. It doesn’t do anything but get in the way of expressing your thought clearly.

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April 9, 2012

Social Media Marketing Strategies You Can’t Go Without

Social media marketing is the practice of promoting your company, its products, and its services to an online community, preferably your target audience. However, creating social media profiles on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, provides more than promotion. The main reason why companies rely on social media marketing is because it helps them engage with their target audience. Through social media, a company can gain trust and a loyal following.

Social media campaigns can also help companies build and preserve their brand name. Through the development of profiles on popular social networking sites, companies can create branded places on the web, making it difficult for other companies and cybersquatters to steal their brand name.

Another reason why companies use social media is to increase visibility of their site and gain traffic. Creating company profiles and links on social networking sites can also help to boost link building and search engine ranking efforts. Finally, if you want your business to rank well in Google Local/Maps, social media strategies are a must. Google and other search engines look for company address mentions on the web as a “trust factor” and ranks sites higher the more they are mentioned.

Your internet marketing campaign is not complete without the right social media marketing strategies. However, before you can even begin to benefit from the wonders of social media marketing, you will need to create profiles on popular social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. (There are hundreds!) iClimber offers social media profile creation and marketing services customizable to the needs of your business.

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April 12, 2012

Content Writing Tips & Process

If you think content writing is more or less a stream-of-consciousness rant, then think again. In fact, it’s just the opposite – no matter whatever type of writing you produce, there has always been a process that professional writers tend to use.

So, here are 5 steps of the Writing Process that you can use:

#1: Prewriting

While some writers are caught staring blankly at their computer screen, others begin to work on building the story idea such as what angle they could take or even the sub-topics they could include in the article before writing the article itself.

#2: Writing

With the structure and direction of the writing planned in the previous stage, this one includes writing (or fleshing) it out. It is advisable that the matters like word count, spelling, grammar and punctuation should not be worried about in this stage.

#3: Revising

This part is about making changes to the writing by removing, adding, replacing or rearranging information that might make a difference to the writing itself, and how it is perceived by the readers themselves. Every writer MUST work on this step, no matter how talented they are.

#4: Editing

This step involves checking the sentences you’ve constructed or the words that have been used in the writing, and whether or not, it contributes to the piece or takes the attention away from it. Clarity of thought, flawless spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as the lack of repetition of words are some ways by which you can edit your writing work for better understand overall.

#5: Publishing

This could mean different things to different people. While bloggers need to add a post, students need to produce a final copy of that essay on paper to their teachers. Journalists have to submit their finished piece to editors.

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April 20, 2012

3 Tips to Write Good Advertising Emails

Writing good advertising emails is not necessarily common knowledge. It is for this reason that a lot of mail is now considered spam as it does not interest the reader in way whatsoever. So, according to experts, successful email advertising means writing the best copy possible.


So, here are 3 tips that you can pick up that can help you creating good advertising emails:

#1: The Subject Line matters

The first that any recipient will read is the subject line, and depending on which, they’ll either open it and read or just send it to trash. One of the biggest mistakes in email advertising is not to include a subject line. More so, make the subject line interesting enough for the recipient to want to read.

#2: Address each recipient individually

If you refer the recipient by his name, the email he or she receives won’t feel like spam. On the other hand, a generic greeting common to all recipients won’t impress, and will more likely than not, end up being trashed as well.

#3: Convey your message clearly and by using as less jargon as possible

Jargon is probably one of the biggest put-offs and especially shouldn’t find a place in email advertising at all. However, if you do need to use jargon then it will be advisable to minimize it as much as possible. Also, ensure that you stay on point if you want to convey a message to each of your customers. Rambling on and on will cause them to close the email before reading it completely.

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April 25, 2012

5 PPC Mistakes That You Must Avoid

If there’s anything that is important to a business, it is the ability to draw in new customers. If you’re using the internet to do this, whether you run a brick-mortar or internet business, using the internet advertising model known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), is usually the best way to go.

If done right, this can turn out to be very profitable for companies. However, there are several mistakes can be made that can make it so much harder, and result in anything but a pot of gold.


So here are 5 PPC Mistakes that you must avoid:

#1: The Lack of Geographical Targeting

Regardless of whether you are a multi-national company or a small business, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that by using geographical targeting or simpler terms, targeting certain areas where your business is most likely to succeed, you will then enjoy maximum ROI.

#2: Failing to Recognize (and Use) the Keyword Match Types

There are three Match types and they are: Exact, Phrase and Broad Match. For example, if you are using the ‘baseball hats’, then an exact match will trigger ads when the exact phrase, ‘baseball hats’ is used. A phrase match triggers ads that have the exact phrase as well as any other words matching it. Finally, broad match would also throw up results that loosely match the aforementioned keyword. Each of these types offers a lot of opportunity that PPC newbies might not get right away.

#3: Going only with Google Adwords

While Google Adwords is the preferred choice, running a PPC campaign with MSN also has benefits in the form of cheaper cost-per-conversions as well as CPCs.

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