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July 20, 2012

How Heat Maps Help Online Business Owners

Online business owners may need a solution to their woes in regards to potential online activities conducted by their audience. On a daily basis, people strive to find software tools that can help them figure out the ideal way to create more productivity for their online businesses. Well, if you are one of the many strivers of excellence, there is a software tool that can help improve how you manage your online business. Heat maps can help your business-flow due to their functionality. These maps can inform you how much activity has been conducted on your website.


What activities do heat maps allow you to see? Well, they inform you how many times a person clicks a link, which directs them to your website. Actually, these maps provide you with the real time analytics of your website. You can find out how far your visitors scroll down on any of your web pages. There tend to be hot and cold areas within the pages of your website, and heat maps can inform you where your visitors venture. You will be informed how many times a certain object has been clicked. You’ll also be informed if the clicked object is an image, link, or any other clickable object. Nonetheless, these maps can surely help you with the works of your online business.

Once you’re able to learn the real time analytics for your website, you’ll be able to make drastic changes that will allow your online business to catch the attention of future prospects. Once your online business reaches that point, it’ll start prospering like never before. Using these maps will provide businesses the utmost comfort and help them improve the quality of their websites. If you’re looking forward to improving your online business, these maps will allow you to think about what your websites need in order to strike potential viewers’ full attention.

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3 Ways to Maintain Your Company’s Online Reputation

Most companies have a distinct online presence for a definite reason – to manage an online reputation.



Considering the importance of a company’s reputation to its growth, there’s no doubt that being able to manage its reputation in times of crises is indeed an imperative activity. So here are three tips that can add perspective to maintaining your company’s online reputation:

#1: Establish a strong online presence

When someone googles your brand name, it is important to ensure that it’s not just your website that should pop up on the first page. Consider using the numerous social media sites that are available, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, which will establish a solid online presence.

And remember that being in the first search engine results is vital to your brand’s success, especially if it’s a common name.

#2: Controlling responses during a crisis

Considering the highly publicized failures of the past, there’s no doubt that there are severe consequences in not being able to handle a crisis online effectively. Whether it is handling customer complaints or even dealing with a lawsuit, it is of utmost importance to monitor online conversations at all times with the intent of defusing the situation as soon as possible.

#3: Monitor Conversations

Most businesses understand how important it is to stay up to date with what’s being said about the company. In fact, the best way to do this is by using social media tools which make the overwhelming process of monitoring several social media accounts much easier.

Better still, these social media tools will help you respond in real-time and turn negative situations into positive opportunities.

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July 31, 2012

Are You Working With an SEO Agency?

Search engine optimization has been a big deal for some time. Though certain individuals may look back and think, Why it seems like just yesterday that I discovered Google Search and Google Earth, the truth of the matter is that Google and its ilk have been around for a good while. Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Yahoo was founded four years before that, in 1994, by Jerry Yang and David Filo. And who could completely forget Altavista? In tandem with the expansion in might of search engines, SEO companies have also grown.

How could they not when representation on search engines, and on the Web in general, is more vital than ever? E-commerce has reared its head in just about every business imaginable. If rambling taco trucks can take orders via a Twitter account, surely it has cut into almost every corner of the business experience. This brings up the question: have you already found, and consulted, with the SEO agency that can really promote your online presence?

There isn’t much time to waste because your competitors are more likely than not already up to speed on the realities of online and offline business, as well as how the two intersect. Get started on the right direction by visiting www.topseos.com.

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