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3 Ways by which Podcasting can Source Customers

Podcasting has gained popularity, thanks to millions of users who download them from the iTunes Store.

Without a doubt, there are obvious benefits that a business can gain from when using this medium to build a deeper relationship with customers for the simple reason that they hear what you have to say about your company or brand.

So, here are 3 ways by which you can use podcasting to source customers for your business:

#1: Interview Guests that your Business considers Ideal Prospects

One of the smartest ways to build a relationship with a person or company is to ask for an interview. It’s very flattering and few people have turned down a request. This is beneficial on so many levels as it not only generates contacts for one’s business but content for your website as well. Plus it’s so much easier!

#2: Ensure that your podcast is niche specific

There’s no point creating a podcast for people who don’t really need your products or services. Everything you do must cater to a particular niche of people who need to be convinced that this is the place that they must spend their time listening.

It’s not all about large numbers, you know.

#3: Volunteer as a Guest on a Podcast

There are numerous podcasts that are looking for guests. When you sign up as a guest for an interview, and assuming you have a desired level of expertise, you can soon end up with several new clients – thanks to the millions who are listening to these podcasts. Please be advised that not all interviews might be very successful but it’s worth the effort if you are able to profit from it.