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3 Ways to Improve Your Google+ Engagement

Google+ is just as powerful as Facebook when it comes to communities that encourage engagement. In fact, it is an excellent investment of your time if you wish to advertise your business.


If you know this already and have a Google+ page, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to engaging prospective customers.


So, here are 3 ways by which your can improve your Google+ engagement:


#1: Make Sure Your Page is Findable

One of the best ways to ensure that your Google+ page is easily findable is to add a Google+ badge to your website. This include both your personal and business Google+ accounts too. All the visitors to your website have to do is click on the badge to access your Google+ page.


#2: Compelling Content is the Way to Go

Resource and visual content as well as hashtags are ways by which one can create compelling content that will get a lot of comments and will be shared a lot too. Highly visual content like infographics, text with images and videos are popular while resource content written in a how-to style works just as well. As for hashtags, not only do they work on Google+ but they can be used to find related content as well as other conversations and trending topics.


#3: Remember that the Conversation Begins With You

It doesn’t stop with sharing or making posts.  Instead, the focus should be on keeping the conversation alive. In fact, it’s also important to engage with your community by commenting or asking questions on other people’s posts.


Speaking of asking questions, it’s a good idea to end your posts with a question. Also, don’t fail to answer comments or questions, and ask more questions if you must so as to continue the conversation.