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4 Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

The use of social media can make a difference whether you want to take your company to the next stage of marketing or are just getting started. Involving this powerful medium in customer communications, brand and product promotions and business development is probably the smartest thing to do.

In order to get started, here are 4 social media tools that entrepreneurs must have:

#1: Google Apps for Domains

To put it simply, with this tool, you won’t see networking and office equipment costs balloon almost immediately. Where the option was to use Microsoft Outlook and Office Suite for basic operations such as email, calendars and word processing or spreadsheet software, now this tool can offer you’re the same at no cost if you use the Standard edition or $ 50 per user per year if you opt for the Premium version.

#2: LinkedIn

This tool is probably one of the most important for networking in finding potential clients as well as hiring candidates for a position that you might have vacant. Most hiring managers use this tool to find suitable candidates over Facebook and Twitter.

#3: Basecamp

This tool is one of the best project management applications available to entrepreneurs where you stay on top of your clients, customers and partners as well. To-do list, milestones, file sharing, time tracking and so on and so forth are a part of this cost-effective online tool.

#4: Facebook

If you are a startup company, there is probably no site like Facebook on which you should make your presence felt. With an obvious advantage of being the largest social network, raising visibility for your brands, building relationships and being able to target the right audience comes easily with this tool.