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Recently on DigitalPoint forums, a new directory trying to gain exposure paid some forum “heavy-weights”(popular people with lots of posts and reputation) to advertise in their avatar there new directory – site shift. 3 hours later, half the forum had these avatars even though site swift only paid for some avatars. Then another directory – sevenseek did the same thing. This campaign proved to bring a lot more traffic and exposure to the new directories. So this is now a new marketing 2.0 scheme.

Now, if you’re on any forum and you’ve either got lots of posts or are very well known, I suggest you head over to Digitalpoint Forums and register then sell your avatar on the other forum you go on. For the moment I suggest to only sell for 1 month. Why only 1 month? because prices are bound to go on the increase. Selling permanent avatar rights now is a choice you may regret in the future.

Below is a graph of site shift’s alexa traffic

Notice the big increase? that’s when the avatars became live.