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CTR rates depenging on your topic/niche

One thing I’m learning and experiencing at the moment is Web, SEO, Technology, Webmaster readers are a real Tech savvy bunch. Why will this make me have a low CTR (Click Though Rate) you ask? The more Tech savvy the user is, the more chance that the user can identify what’s Advertising and what’s not. Chances are unless the Advertising is super relevant they won’t click on the Advertisement. What can be done to curb this? 

– Advertisements that pay per impressions instead of clicks 

– Blend your Advertisements to look like they are a part of your site 

– Adding a donation button. Many Blogs that don’t make much from Advertising will have a donation button. No one will donate I hear you saying!. Even if 1 in 1000 people donate 5 dollars, it can pay for the hosting 

– Other methods of revenue such as Paid Posts, Selling Links, Donations