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How cloud hosting can help SEO

Blog provided by Rack Alley

Does your website’s type of hosting have an impact on its search engine rankings? Based on the data, hosting has a significant, measurable impact on several factors that contribute to a site’s search engine rankings. When it comes to cloud hosting, there are several advantages to hosting your website on a cloud.

First, cloud hosting can lead to faster website loading speeds. It’s a well-known fact that Google’s ranking algorithms consider site speed when deciding which sites will be at the top of web searches. Keeping your website’s data in the cloud eliminates many of the problems associated with sharing space with other websites in a single hosting server, resulting in quicker, more efficient loading times.

Second, you’ll have an easier time being competitive in local search rankings. Search engines give precedence to websites located in the same geographical location as the people making web searches. Since cloud hosting servers are located all around the world, you won’t have to create several international versions of your site to host on multiple different local servers.

Third, cloud hosting provides some online security benefits to protect your website and data. Cloud hosting services have effective countermeasures against harmful bots that can hack into your website and negatively influence your SEO rankings. These bots can also reduce your website’s uptime, which is another important component of SEO.

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