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How Social Media Can Contribute to Building a Social Local Community

Not only can social media help you to build awareness for your business but it can also help you to bring employees together while also build a social local community. Among the many examples that have demonstrated these benefits, HCF Management, a healthcare facility with 27 facilities in Ohio and Pennsylvania stands out the most.

Here’s what they learned in regard to social media’s contribution to building a social local community:

#1: Create Local Social Media Pages

HCF Management doesn’t have just one Facebook page but several of them, catering to each HCF facility. This applies to their Twitter as well as Pinterest accounts. If one wonders why they have taken this approach, the reason is because they realised that they needed to focus on engagement with their local customers instead of just counting the number of followers.

#2: Connect with Decision Makers

It’s an accepted reality that the ones who are using HCF Management’s services aren’t the ones who are making the decisions. In some cases, where people’s parents visit the hospital that they can’t go back home, their children will have to look for a nursing home. This is why some of HCF Management’s Facebook posts are created to educate, inform and engage such as virtual tours and staff introduction videos.

#3: Involve Employees When Using Social Media

While other businesses might not find it appropriate to communicate with both employees and patients, this actually works to their favor in healthcare since most staff build relationships with their patient at each of these facilities. This is why it worked so well for them to get involved as well, when it came to promoting their page.