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How Web Hosting Fits Into Your SEO Strategy

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Search engine optimization can be a complex, puzzling endeavor. But with the right knowledge and expertise, SEO can be a valuable tool for online marketing. And in a day and age where almost all consumers research products and services online, SEO is essential for business in the 21st century.

SEO experts know that many factors can affect your success in reaching higher search engine rankings. It’s important to pay attention to all these factors and understand what you can do to improve your visibility on search engines. One important but overlooked factor is the quality of your web hosting.

When Google assigns search engine rankings, some of the factors they consider include your website’s loading speed, your uptime, and your IP address. If you’re using shared hosting servers or low-budget web hosting options, you may experience performance issues and slower loading times. On shared servers, this is usually due to running out of server resources when multiple clients are housed on one server. Unfortunately, slower loading speeds and website downtime can result in significant penalties to your search engine rankings. Furthermore, sharing a server can result in having the same IP address as spam sites, which will also result in reduced rankings.

In light of this, you need to consider whether your website’s performance will be affected by the quality of shared servers. If you have a bigger site that experiences lots of traffic, you may need dedicated servers or another more comprehensive web hosting option. No matter what your web hosting needs are, be sure to visit Electric Kitten and browse through their affordable hosting services in Los Angeles.