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Optimizing for higher ranking

Building a web site is all about nurture. A web site owner has to devote infinite resources to ensure that traffic is driven to the site and that it is regularly updated with fresh content. The only problem is just any form of content is not enough. It has to be optimized to make it easier for search engines such as Google to find and give ranking to it. As such, there are basic search engine optimization guidelines to follow to improve a web site’s presence on the Internet and to get higher search engine ranking as the days pass.

The bread and butter of any search engine optimization campaign are to ensure the abundance of links. The web site should be linked to other external sites and vice versa. That is where skills in link building factor in. The site owner has to make sure that he or she uses white hat optimization techniques. The counter of that is black hat optimization. Falling under this category is link farming on forums, spamming and content duplication. There are many other techniques which would be considered black hat. The general rule is to simply avoid them.

White hat optimization techniques include posting relevant and significant content that people would normally look for and find useful. Then comes the necessity to write content that is search engine friendly—that is, keywords have to be present and must be spread through each article well. The more recent, well optimized and linked the articles are the better ranking they would get from search engines.