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Three Tips To Target The Right Social Media Sites

There’s no doubt in the minds of businesses, bloggers and pretty much everyone else that great potential exists in the realm of social media marketing. However, the wrong way to go about this is to take a one-size-fits-all approach by using popular sites such as Digg or StumbleUpon.

However, this is hardly the way you should go about working on getting more traffic for your blogs in particular as there are certain factors that might fit in with what you are trying to promote on your blog, and this will make the difference in generating readers for your blog:

#1: Audience – general or niche

Always ask yourself whether you need a general or niche audience for your blog, and in finding the answer to this question, you will then be able to make the choice between popular news sites such as Reddit or StumbleUpon or looking for social media sites that cater to specific niches.

#2: What content works or does not work

Since every social media site’s users enjoy reading certain types of content (while also disliking certain types of content), this should give you a good idea as to what kind of content you should prepare so that you can generate a lot of traffic. Alternatively, in knowing what kind of content readers of that particular social media site do not like, you will be able to avoid writing that kind of content.

#3: Demographics

It’s not just about the number of visitors you receive but the quality of these visitors that make the difference especially if you are offering a product or service. Now if you pick a social media site that has similar demographics to your target audience, you can be sure that this approach will be far more effective than targeting a general audience.