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Two AdWords features you should be using

AdWords is a complicated product, and different markets use the network in different ways. Also, Google is constantly updating the service with new features, and it takes a lot of time just to keep up with new developments. Unfortunately, this also means that there are killer features that can slip by. Here are two features that likely flew under the radar:

Ad variations

As marketers, we all like to A/B test different aspects of our ads but don’t have the time to create campaigns and compare. A few months ago, Google introduced the Ad variations product, and now you can specify different variations to different parts of your ad copy and see the results at scale. It will save you a lot of time, and you get a nice report from Google at the end of the test.

Gmail ads

The drive to advertise on Gmail went down significantly after Google moves the ads to the Promotions tab. However, Gmail ads are both attractive and engaging and failing to take advantage of this channel lose the potential context that email offers. Also, users go to the Promotions tab to see email newsletters and updates and will see the ads in the same light.

There are many more features like the two above that might either save time or increase potential ad clicks. The best method is to look what you want in a campaign and see if that feature exists. Also, there are certifications in AdWords which should also surface interesting tactics and tools.