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US increasing efforts to stop hackers

The US is now increasing efforts to prevent further leaks of confidential government documents. This comes right after an embarrassing fiasco involving the WikiLeaks site, which is now being forced by the government out of every possible web hosting service that is currently available on the Internet. None other than US Senator Joseph Lieberman had issued a press statement recently swearing to inquire with web service providers what their futures measures will be when faced with online users propagating illegally-obtained, highly-classified government data.

The WikiLeaks site has already published what is now no longer secret documents and diplomatic messages numbering in the thousands, causing extreme embarrassment not only to the US government but to their allies as well. The site makes use of a small number of DNS service providers in European networks in its bid to stay online. The website is now a priority target of non-stop Denial of Service (DoS) attacks which serve to ban users from getting access to illegal information.

The kind senator’s staff members were on the phone to contact Amazon.com, informing the site’s officers of its participation as a WikiLeaks host. Soon after the phone call, WikiLeaks publicly announced on Twitter that Amazon.com had turned its back on it, while the leading US online retail site later denied claims that their decision to oust the scandalous website was mainly due to Lieberman’s warnings. Instead, their main reason was that WikiLeaks had violated their terms of service by causing injury to persons and entities in government.