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What You Need to Know Before Starting a PPC Project

Internet advertising has been around for a while now with PPC being one of its most popular methods. Usually, a website owner has to host advertisements for the purpose of directing traffic to a particular website or blog. The payment is mostly based on the number of clicks that happen over a period of time.

Yet not all PPC projects are successful, and so here are few questions that you can ask yourself before you start work on one of these projects with a client:

#1: Are there any decision makers for the client? If yes, then who is it?

#2: What is the budget allocated for this project?

#3: What are the fees and terms agreed upon?

#4: What does this client consider to be a “conversion”? Where does your responsibility end when it comes to a “conversion” and generating leads?

#5: What are the goals and the timeline for this campaign?

#6: What is the reporting and communication procedure with the client?

#7: Does the client have a designer who will be able to design the advertisements? Does he or she wish to approve of the ad text and keywords that are used? Will they allow you to be the recognized expert of the campaign?

#8: Who are your client’s competitors? What information does their products or services give you about your client’s product?

#9: Has the client specified what should be or not done with this PPC project?

#10: How will the client handle the situation during the initiation period when you aren’t able to meet their goals?