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Why Online Gamers in Rural America Should Sign Up for 4G/Mobile Internet

It can be challenging to play online multiplayer games in rural areas because the best types of Internet service for online gaming such as coaxial cable Internet and fiber optic Internet are not available in rural areas. These Internet types are good for avoiding unwanted interruptions and ensuring uninterrupted, high-performance play during intense multiplayer matches. In the absence of these, unlimited 4G rural Internet from companies such as UbiFi may hold a claim to the title of the best Internet for rural gaming.

Satellite Internet is unequivocally not the best type of Internet service for online gaming. Because of the distance satellite signals have to travel from outer space to rural homes, there are significant delays that create high levels of latency. Even the best satellite Internet service providers have latency issues that make them inferior in this area to the best 4G Internet providers. In contrast, 4G Internet service providers use cell towers throughout rural America to provide Internet signals, which gives them an edge in this area.

Unlike satellite Internet, the mobile 4G Internet provided by UbiFi and other companies carries low levels of latency ideal for online gaming sessions. Avoiding latency is crucial for the best performance while playing games that require extremely precise reactions. Fighting games, first-person shooters, MOBAs, and real-time strategy games are the types of games where a second of lag or rubberbanding can cost even the most seasoned players the match. Phenomena such as lag and rubberbanding only happen during moments of high latency, which you can avoid if you live in an area adequately covered by a cell tower under the purview of UbiFi or any other mobile 4G Internet provider.