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3 Common Limitations of Social Media

Bloggers normally place a lot of emphasis on generating traffic from social media. In most cases, this focus helps you to generate impressive stats in terms of volume and creates exposure for your blog there are certain limitations with sourcing traffic from social media.

So here are three common limitations that you must be aware of especially if you are looking to build traffic by using the power of social media alone:

#1:  Social media traffic is not the best way to make sales

If you are selling a product, statistics have shown that the only a tiny percentage of visitors will buy a product or service that is being offered. However, you can and should use social media to get their attention.

What this does is not only increase the traffic to your blog but it improves your search engine rankings! So it’s an indirect way of helping you getting sales but no more than that.

#2: Not a source for long-term or repeat traffic

The truth is that if you wish to generate traffic using the medium of social media, you might be very disappointed as the traffic is only generated for a few days after which you will have to publish new content to generate more traffic. Social media is not necessarily a medium for long-term or repeat traffic.

#3: Great content is a must

No matter whether you have a strong network of friends who will vote your submissions repeatedly; great content is imperative, as the former approach of getting them to do a favor for you won’t last very long. And most bloggers are aware that it’s only once in a while that they are able to produce ‘great content’.