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Adsense commonsense!

December 3, 2006

CTR rates depenging on your topic/niche

One thing I’m learning and experiencing at the moment is Web, SEO, Technology, Webmaster readers are a real Tech savvy bunch. Why will this make me have a low CTR (Click Though Rate) you ask? The more Tech savvy the user is, the more chance that the user can identify what’s Advertising and what’s not. Chances are unless the Advertising is super relevant they won’t click on the Advertisement. What can be done to curb this? 

– Advertisements that pay per impressions instead of clicks 

– Blend your Advertisements to look like they are a part of your site 

– Adding a donation button. Many Blogs that don’t make much from Advertising will have a donation button. No one will donate I hear you saying!. Even if 1 in 1000 people donate 5 dollars, it can pay for the hosting 

– Other methods of revenue such as Paid Posts, Selling Links, Donations 


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December 2, 2006

Why Google should invent a new online currency similar to “Paypal”

Paypal was first created for “securing” payments on Ebay. But quickly became widely used by business people, mum’s and dad’s. Lots of teenagers even have Paypal accounts. You would expect Paypal to be abused some what, due to the amount of people that use it. But Paypal has become to “stuck-up” in trying to give the buyer too much “protection”. Anyone who knows a bit about Paypal would know that you can buy games and stuff, then once you receive them, do a “claim” (a Paypal feature) saying you did not infarct receive the goods. The same applies with domains. Paypal also has no problem limiting accounts and making you verify them, buy adding Card details, verifying location. Paypal can easily be hacked too. Scam emails are big. But another one is on line stores get hacked and your Credit card details get hacked into. Then the person uses the details to make a fake Paypal account with your details and go on a spending field day. Now I bet you’re wondering why I think Google should introduce a on line currency. Well I’ve got some reasons why I think they should.

Google has the resources to get a high serp, pagerank, traffic site. I mean, there’s no chance any small company could run a huge on line currency.

Has the unlimited check book. What an advantage, with shares at 500 US, it’s got a big capital.

Ethics, every time I use Gmail, Adsense or any Google owned product I usually find it’s useful and if you run into errors the support team is willing to listen.

So what’s your opinion?

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November 25, 2006

Handy Adsense plugin for FireFox

How many times a day do you check your Adsense account? I don’t check mine at all. I use a handy little plugin called Adsense Notifier. You simply download the plugin put in your details and your earnings will appear on the bottom right hand of your Firefox browser. Here’s what some people have said

“Many thanks for making this extremely useful extension, specially because now Firefox 2.0 has trouble remembering adsense login info, it doesn’t even offer to remember it. Now with this amazingly simple extension, I’m logged in automatically, all the time!”

” I use this all of the time, couldn’t live without it.”



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New Google Ad Placements! Yes!, seriously!

John Chow  has told us of a new AdSense “beta”. Which will allow “Publishers to highlight certain ad units to advertisers and tell them what position the ads are in”

This is sounding very good. I wonder how long till it’s available for all Adsense users.

Original Article New Google Adsense Placements


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November 19, 2006

List of top paying Adsense keywords

Here’s a list of the top 100 paying Adsense Keywords. Keep in mind that the CPC is the cost that the advertiser is paying for the click. So you won’t get 100 % of what is listed, you should get around 35-50%.


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Plentyoffish.com what’s the hype about?

Plentyoffish.com is Canada’s biggest dating web site and the biggest site in the world run by 1 person. Plentyoffish is similar to Graigslist, it’s not as commercial or profitable as it could be. It is also like Graigslist in the web 1.0 styled site. One of the reasons of the sites huge success is because of “word of mouth”. The average person is in contact with 400 people that they know and feel comfortable referring sites, products and other things to. So if 1 person out of every 100 users tells 15% of their friends about the site and 5% of the friends go there. That can seriously add up after a while. Not to mention the link baits of 900k checks and National News coverage.

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Adsense game?

I was looking around on some other seo blogs when I found The Adsense Game , I don’t think that it’s 100 % correct, but there is a formula. Even simple things like editing the Adsense bored makes a impacr in this game. It’s got heaps of good features like:

– Editing colors

– Type of site

– Marketing

– Results

There’s so many features. I wish it was that easy. On the game I was making 15 + dollars a day.

 In the Adsense Game what’s your type of site and what methods did you use in the game?

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