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Three Reasons Why You Should Not Have Onsite Servers

Web hosting is the epitome of the modern office, customized to your needs, with the most recent programs, immediate access to your data, and local 24-hour assistance from anywhere, on any device.

Cloud migration involves more than just a system upgrade. A data center is being used strategically by businesses to change the way they operate. Here are three things to consider while hosting your own IT system if you are still keeping your data and apps in-house.

1) Security

Unexpected events can result in firms losing important information. No matter how safe and secure you think your onsite servers are, buildings can still burn down, flood, or be broken into.

When all of your data is stored on-site, you run the risk of a security breach, viruses, natural disasters, and hardware failure.

2) Mounting Expenses

With faster memory and storage, more powerful processors, improved power and cooling, and other technological advancements, the world is becoming more and more open to new possibilities and economic opportunities.

The cost of staying current with technology is high when you manage your own IT system. You must make upfront purchases of new equipment and renew software licenses that will soon become outdated or obsolete.

3) Decline In Business Growth

It takes effort to manage your IT system, and frequent upgrades might distract you from your company’s growth, which is what matters most.

Do you want your IT team to manage compartmentalized desktops, software issues, storage problems, and more daily? Is it simpler if they were combined into a single solution handled by a la web hosting vendor like Electric Kitten?