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March 6, 2015

Email Marketing in a Mobile World

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Written by eTargetMedia.


The number of people who use their smartphones (or even their wearable technology in the coming months) as their primary means of checking email will continue to grow over the course of 2015 and beyond.

As an online marketer, this means that it’s more important than ever for you to create emails that grab people’s attention immediately. This starts with a great subject line and goes from there. Because mobile readers might have less screen space than people on a laptop or desktop, there’s a greater chance that part of the subject line will be cut off. Understand this when you are marketing to mobile users and front-load your subject line with an eye-catching phrase or statement.

Marketing to mobile users also means that you need to understand their path for completing a sale. In the majority of cases, people still feel more comfortable making a large purchase from their home computer rather than using their mobile device. In these instances, you’ll want to create an email that encourages them to open it up later when they are at home. But for certain things such as apps, people are more likely to be comfortable with purchasing directly from their mobile device.

Digital marketing companies such as eTargetMedia recommend that you create a layout that is light and free of clutter, with large buttons that are easy to read and click on even with the limited screen space of a mobile device.

eTargetMedia helps companies of all types create impactful digital marketing campaigns. They specialize in targeted campaigns with measurable results.

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April 25, 2012

5 PPC Mistakes That You Must Avoid

If there’s anything that is important to a business, it is the ability to draw in new customers. If you’re using the internet to do this, whether you run a brick-mortar or internet business, using the internet advertising model known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), is usually the best way to go.

If done right, this can turn out to be very profitable for companies. However, there are several mistakes can be made that can make it so much harder, and result in anything but a pot of gold.


So here are 5 PPC Mistakes that you must avoid:

#1: The Lack of Geographical Targeting

Regardless of whether you are a multi-national company or a small business, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that by using geographical targeting or simpler terms, targeting certain areas where your business is most likely to succeed, you will then enjoy maximum ROI.

#2: Failing to Recognize (and Use) the Keyword Match Types

There are three Match types and they are: Exact, Phrase and Broad Match. For example, if you are using the ‘baseball hats’, then an exact match will trigger ads when the exact phrase, ‘baseball hats’ is used. A phrase match triggers ads that have the exact phrase as well as any other words matching it. Finally, broad match would also throw up results that loosely match the aforementioned keyword. Each of these types offers a lot of opportunity that PPC newbies might not get right away.

#3: Going only with Google Adwords

While Google Adwords is the preferred choice, running a PPC campaign with MSN also has benefits in the form of cheaper cost-per-conversions as well as CPCs.

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April 20, 2012

3 Tips to Write Good Advertising Emails

Writing good advertising emails is not necessarily common knowledge. It is for this reason that a lot of mail is now considered spam as it does not interest the reader in way whatsoever. So, according to experts, successful email advertising means writing the best copy possible.


So, here are 3 tips that you can pick up that can help you creating good advertising emails:

#1: The Subject Line matters

The first that any recipient will read is the subject line, and depending on which, they’ll either open it and read or just send it to trash. One of the biggest mistakes in email advertising is not to include a subject line. More so, make the subject line interesting enough for the recipient to want to read.

#2: Address each recipient individually

If you refer the recipient by his name, the email he or she receives won’t feel like spam. On the other hand, a generic greeting common to all recipients won’t impress, and will more likely than not, end up being trashed as well.

#3: Convey your message clearly and by using as less jargon as possible

Jargon is probably one of the biggest put-offs and especially shouldn’t find a place in email advertising at all. However, if you do need to use jargon then it will be advisable to minimize it as much as possible. Also, ensure that you stay on point if you want to convey a message to each of your customers. Rambling on and on will cause them to close the email before reading it completely.

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March 20, 2012

Benefits of Landing Page Design

Why is landing page design so important to your internet marketing campaign? Let’s say you your rankings are high in the search engine results page and you might even have a good amount of traffic. That’s very good news. However, you might not be experiencing any conversions. Users might be leading your site as fast as they got there. How is this possible? The key to hooking online browsers and transforming them into conversions is by landing page design and optimization. Without landing page optimization, you will not reap the following benefits:

Reaching your target audience with proper keywords: Whether a prospect visits your site through a search engine or a PPC campaign, they are coming to you page because of a specific keyword. The proper landing page design features specific keywords with content that is tailored to your target audience. This also means you can create several landing pages for different keywords and various sources of traffic. This approach helps to gain new customers as well as increase the percentage of conversions.

Flexible design and content: While your home page has to stay constant with content and brand ideology, a landing page has the flexibility to adapt to your research. Site owners can easily modify landing pages according to feedback from people visiting their page. For example, if the page experiences a decrease in conversion rates, you can change the content and design accordingly.

Testing the effects of a promotion campaign: Landing page design and optimization process includes testing the landing pages. This approach will reveal which campaigns generate the most traffic. You can also help identify which campaigns deserve more money and which ones need to be stopped.

The best way to reap the most benefits from a landing page design is to enlist the services of an experienced internet marketing firm. Submit Express offers landing page design and optimization services, including effective testing strategies.

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January 4, 2012

Ways To Use Email Advertising To Increase Return On Investment

The evaluation of a marketing strategy is often based on its return of investment. According to statistics, almost 72 % of businesses in a survey considered email advertising to be good or excellent in terms of its ROI.

So here are a few tips that will help you to increase your ROI even further when using email advertising:

#1: Promotion through Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media networks such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. One of the best ways to get the message out is by using these social networks, and it can also be useful in obtaining new email subscribers as well. Another big plus is that you get to understand your customers better by using social media.

#2: Content is King

According to statistics, almost 54 % of people will unsubscribe from your mailing list because the content is boring and repetitive. So, hiring someone who has a proven track record in writing good content would be wise. Also, the first aspect of writing good content for email is to remember that the subject line should be comfortable and familiar to the readers or else they will consider it to junk or spam.

#3: Email Design

With more than half the members on your mailing list checking email using their mobile phone, it bodes well that the email design has to be simple and easy to read. This means avoiding lots of pictures and flashy text. Ensure that your email can be read on all popular browsers clearly.

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December 18, 2011

About Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software makes it so advertising is easier for you. However, when you are using one of these applications, you must make sure that you are not violating any spam laws. If it comes across as you spamming you will not meet your marketing goal. However, if it is applied properly you will find yourself attracting new customers. This in return will also help increase your profits.

Email marketing is something that quite a few individuals and businesses are using to attract more viewers, readers and customers. If you have good marketing skills in general you will see an increase in the areas that you feel could be improved. However, if you do not have good marketing skills in general you will find that the software may not work as good for you as it works for some of the other people that you may know.

There are classes available online that can help you increase your marketing skills as well as ones that will offer you newsletter templates. One of the main things that you will find out about email marketing is the fact that with the right approach you can reach any goal that you desire. Think about it hasn’t there been a time where you have received an email with such a catchy subject that you just had to open it? Everyone has his urge from time to time depending on how well the marketer knows how to market themselves. It is amazing which classes in society will go for new things simply because of their marketing skills.

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December 9, 2011

4 Tips To Succeed With Your Email Advertising Campaigns

Email is one of the most personal advertising medium in history. That’s what Seth Godin thinks. No one disagrees considering that his book Permission Marketing changed the way people viewed email marketing and the CAN-SPAM Act.

And its common knowledge what spam can do to customer loyalty, and so here are 4 tips that can be considered ‘best practices’ when it comes to email advertising:

#1: Obtain Permission

Getting permission is probably not so difficult – if you offer valuable information or a discount on your product this usually works. However, not obtaining their permission can lead to the loss of customer goodwill and even penalties, thanks to the CAN-SPAM act.

#2: Build an organic and targeted email list

Since permission is the all-important factor, the best way to build a list where your emails won’t be considered as spam would be to ask your friends and customers to ask their friends to sign up. People who are interested sign up and within no time; you’ll have an email list of customers that are looking forward to do business with you.

#3: Story-telling is your best strategy

One aspect of good writing it to maintain the reader’s interest and when you tell a good story but only in short installments, you keep their interest by that “To be Continued” style. The same reason why people can’t wait for the next episode when watching their favorite soaps!

#4: Take time to build customer relationships

Just as it takes time to build a community for your blog or social media campaign, it’s no different with email marketing. Staying in touch with your customers is probably the smartest thing to do without which they are certain to do business with someone else.

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