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November 7, 2011

Building Cellphone Applications On Your Own

More and more businesses and creative thinkers are building their own phone applications without the help of a professional service. Apps are one of the biggest business growing trends in cellphone technology. If you have a small business or are working on a project of your own, it may be impossible to spend thousands of dollars to hire a service. With today’s online resources, this does not have to be an issue. There are a number of fantastic tools to help you create and build your own application for less than half the cost of hiring a professional.

There are some amazing online tools that can produce and publish strong applications for the public. Application building doesn’t have to be difficult. With the new online tools that are available just about anyone with a creative brain can make their own application. Doing all the technical work for you, these tools can do all the programming, and coding necessary to have a successful and competitive app. Most of these tools take your content online and integrate it into an application. With your creative vision, they can make it work perfectly with easy user functionality and looking incredibly stylish.

The top choice for many novice application builders is Appmakr. This online tool is great for any company that already has an established web site, or blog. It will take your online feed, design and color choices, and begin to build your application. Swebapps is one of the easiest online tools to use. In a very simple and straightforward way, you perform drag and drop steps to create your app content. This tool allows you to track your analytics as well as make changes to your app even after it has been published. Other great tools are Taplynx, and iSites. Both are similar in that you they integrate your social media and website feeds right into your app.

An important aspect after building your app is mobile application testing. You will want your application to have a number of tests done including a load test. If you have any money to spend on the production of your application, this would be a great area to spend it. By having comprehensive tests done by professionals you will ensure the success of your app. Before you decide to make it public, you will want to know that it works properly.

The world of cellphone applications is continuously growing. Businesses everywhere are jumping in on the trend as a way to market their company and reach consumers. If you are a creative person like a game designer, your application may need a bit more professional help. If you are on a small budget these online tools is a great way to go. You can be a part of a new and profitable industry just in a few easy steps. With performance application testing and a creative vision you can have something that users will love and download, over and over again.

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July 20, 2011

Web Design: A Brief Look

Web design is an art. Like all art forms, it requires practice, skill and patience to perfect. Individuals who design websites know little tricks to create the perfect webpage for clients. But what if youve never designed a web page before. How would you design and market the information found on the site? Before you run off and design your own website, you may want to understand a few things in order to create a great, “Search-Engine Friendly” website.

What is a Search-Engine Friendly Website?

When you hear the phrase, “Search-Engine Friendly”, it refers to a search engines ability to easily locate a website using certain keywords and phrases found within the text. If a website does not use noticeable keywords in the text, a search engine will have a difficult time locating the site.

If you are experienced with HTML, you should have no problem understanding the requirements for creating a “Search-Engine Friendly” website. Those less fortunate may need to hire a company that provides SEO services to help optimize your code to build a search-engine friendly website.

What to Look For

1. Once your website is complete, you want to check your HTML code for any errors that may appear. Remember, search engines use keywords found on your web pages to locate it, if the HTML code contains inaccuracies, the search engine will think the keyword is part of the HTML code and not of the text. This can result in the omission of part of your webpage from the search engine indexes.

2. Check your title tags to ensure you are using relevant keywords. Search engines use title tags to determine what the webpage is about. If the tag states only your websites name on each individual web page, the search engine will have difficultly understanding what the page is regarding, offering low placement on its search results. Instead, you want each individual web page to include a relevant tag describing the information found on that page. For instance, a web page regarding iPod specifications, may want to include a title “iPod Weight and Height Specifications”.

3. Remove any hidden text and eliminate and duplicate content. Duplicate content causes the information to become diluted when other websites link to your page. If the information becomes diluted, the search engine places the duplicate content low on its search results. With hidden text, webmasters tend to place keywords hidden from a visitors view by changing the color of the keyword to blend in with the background. This black hat trick negatively influences the search engines results and can get your webpage ban from a search engines indexes.

How to Market Your Website

Often the hardest part of managing a website is making the website marketable to a search engine. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) companies specialize in helping create marketing ads for your website that utilize pay-per-click ads to boost traffic to your site. In order to create a marketable site, you want to ensure your webpage is using relevant keywords to describe your products, using correct meta-tags and proper keywords on pay-per-click ads. The keywords found on a search engines ads link to a landing page of your choice. The landing page design is important in providing scores for your ads that search engines give out. If you are creating ads with keywords not found on your landing page, the search engine will produce a lower score and offer lower ad placement for your webpage.

Remember, designing and marketing your website takes practice, skill and dedication. Do not expect to gain all the necessary knowledge over night. You may find yourself needing direction and help from an SME, SEO or a professional web designer to help you create the website of your dreams.

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September 10, 2010

Performance Marketing Expo Coming to Miami

The upcoming Performance Marketing Expo in Miami is the perfect place to learn the latest search marketing and social media tips and tricks. Taking place at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami from September 27-29, the Performance Marketing Expo brings together leading retailers, merchants, affiliates and networks into one place. The top names in the industry will be there from leading SEO companies such as Submit Express to social media experts from leading retail companies like Steve Madden.

Organized by the Institute for International Research, the Performance Marketing Expo is a fantastic learning opportunity to understand the latest advances in online marketing. It’s also a tremendous networking opportunity, giving you the chance to meet some of the movers and shakers in Internet marketing at a relaxed and fun setting.

This is one show that you don’t want to miss! To learn more about the Performance Marketing Expo, visit http://www.performancemarketingexpo.com.

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December 15, 2006

New Pagerank Update?!

There’s been a new bot visiting my site lately. I think it might be a bot Google’s using for the next Pagerank update. It will be 3-4 weeks before we know if it’s right or not. Check out your site and see if there’s been a new Search Engine Bot, that’s visitored your site lately. Do this buy logging into awstats then look down the page until you see info about “Robots/Spiders visitors (Top 25) ”

“Only Time will tell”

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December 14, 2006

Some common SEO mistakes

One this many Bloggers and Site owners do are make the wrong choices with their Blog thinking it’s for the better. I’m going to talk about some of the main mistakes many people do.

– Playing around with your robots.txt file. If you edit your robots.txt file in the wrong way or delete something that’s needed, your site could face a penalty or even a ban. So it’s best to seek good advice.

– Using the wrong SEO methods in general. If you’re a more advance webmaster you might try some black hat methods or “darker” methods. These are not always “bad” things but they can get your site penalized or banned. So try to stop keywords stuff, keywords typos, bad promo techniques.

– Unique title tags. One must for all my templates is each Blog post/Page must contain a unique title tag that’s the same as the post or page title. Search Engines totally love this :]

– Too much Javascript, Flash, or bad coding. Flash writing can’t be indexed there for the content on it does not help you at all. Javascript can be indexed but only to a certain extent.

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Travel Blogging

Travel Blogging is when a Blogger who’s traveling Blogs along the way. I’ve been spending a lot of time in net cafe’s lately. Playing computer games and what not. I’ve noticed there’s a lot of people that have Blogger accounts that come to the net cafe for the purpose of only posting pictures on their Blog and talking about how their holiday is so far and where they are if they are doing a trip. I never really thought it was such a big thing, but at least 15% of the people that go to the net came I’m at are here just for the sole purpose of Travel Blogging.

Travel Blogging is much better then writing about it on pen or anything. Plus you can email and tell your friends your Blog and your whole travel is accurately documented. Not to mention that it’s time dated, can have pictures and what not. Is this going to become the latest Blogging adventure?

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December 13, 2006

Yahoo serps update

Yahoo has updated its serps. What does this mean? it means that sites ranking positions have changed. So if you search Yahoo for Webmaster SEO, my rank has changed. I still am not near the front page but it has increased due to my backlinks. Check to see if your rank has changed check out Shoemoney’s serp tool

I hope your serps have increased mine have! 🙂

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