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September 1, 2015

3 Techniques for Great On boarding Flow (For a Mobile App)

By definition, user onboarding is a process that turns first-time visitors to active visitors. Simply put, it’s that first experience with a product that will make you want to use it over and over again.

This is vital given that there are practically a countless number of apps doing the same thing or more.

Of course, how you go about designing good user onboarding flow purely depends on the product type.

wmseoHere are 3 techniques for great onboarding flow for a mobile app:

1: Interactive Walkthrough or Tutorial

Walkthroughs and onboarding isn’t really the same thing even if the former is a vital part of the process of onboarding itself. While a tutorial is a nice way to welcome a user, you can always annoy him by teaching him things that he or she already knows.

So, if there’s anything difficult and confusing with the app interface, then it’s worth a walkthrough. Yet it’s important to make it easy, effortless and quick.

2: Remove or Simplify Signup

Not everyone has time to sit and fill up signup forms. Put yourself in their position and you’ll find that spending time on registration forms that are lengthy is anything but enjoyable. Ideally, it’s best to not have a signup form at all but if you must have one, keep it short. Try and save the user’s time while asking for very little upfront.

3: Customer Support or Service

It’s very important to have a group of satisfied users. A big part of achieving this is having real people behind a product or service to assist customers. Building good relationships with your customers is integral to a great onboarding process. Keep them happy and they’ll do your marketing for you. Maintaining an empathetic and well-trained customer service team should do the trick.

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July 20, 2012

How Heat Maps Help Online Business Owners

Online business owners may need a solution to their woes in regards to potential online activities conducted by their audience. On a daily basis, people strive to find software tools that can help them figure out the ideal way to create more productivity for their online businesses. Well, if you are one of the many strivers of excellence, there is a software tool that can help improve how you manage your online business. Heat maps can help your business-flow due to their functionality. These maps can inform you how much activity has been conducted on your website.


What activities do heat maps allow you to see? Well, they inform you how many times a person clicks a link, which directs them to your website. Actually, these maps provide you with the real time analytics of your website. You can find out how far your visitors scroll down on any of your web pages. There tend to be hot and cold areas within the pages of your website, and heat maps can inform you where your visitors venture. You will be informed how many times a certain object has been clicked. You’ll also be informed if the clicked object is an image, link, or any other clickable object. Nonetheless, these maps can surely help you with the works of your online business.

Once you’re able to learn the real time analytics for your website, you’ll be able to make drastic changes that will allow your online business to catch the attention of future prospects. Once your online business reaches that point, it’ll start prospering like never before. Using these maps will provide businesses the utmost comfort and help them improve the quality of their websites. If you’re looking forward to improving your online business, these maps will allow you to think about what your websites need in order to strike potential viewers’ full attention.

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July 14, 2011

Tips To Build Relationships Through Social Media

One of the biggest no-no’s in social media marketing is to not push your products but to start conversations that will lead to relationship building going forward. This takes time, and once it does pick up, you will find yourself amongst brand loyalists and promoters that will not only spread the word about what you offer but also turn skeptics into believers.

You can imagine how important relationship building is in the social media space as evidenced by several success stories, and so here are a few simple tips by which you can build relationships:

#1: Communicate, communicate, communicate…

If you are able to communicate earlier as often as possible than your competitors, this is how you can stay on top in your industry. Whether you use forums, newsletter or even blogs, the faster you deal with the hottest topics in your industry, the more your audience will look up to you as a source of information that they might need.

#2: Be honest

If you wish to lie when using social media, this is one of the worst ways by which you can promote your business as it always comes back to haunt much later, and will do much more damage than you can imagine. So, it is important that you are honest about your company’s advantages and shortcomings. One of the worst ideas when running a business is to insult someone’s intelligence as most customers are wary enough to spot a ‘fake’ a million miles away.

#3: Remember to listen

As with any normal relationship, it is important to listen more than talk. Since social media allows you to interact with your customers and get to hear what they say, it is one of the best ways by which you can build relationships with them when you pay attention to what they need and meet their expectations promptly.

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February 12, 2011

How to Find The Ideal Web Hosting site

Where does one go when it comes to finding information about the best web hosting sites that are available over the internet?
Of course, the obvious conclusion is that you want to build a free website, and since there are so many options that one might have in terms Web hosting sites, it is sometimes very hard to determine which one’s services are the most beneficial and suited to your needs.
According to experts, one of the best ways to determine this is to find free Web Hosting sites that are easy to use along with the best known features for people who wish to build their first website.
And since some websites offer domains at a certain cost while others don’t, it is always advisable that first time users should always go with the latter, before they iron out all the problems with their website before moving on to a website (with a specific domain name) that is paid for.
Here is another set of factors that can help you determine whether the website hosting solution that you are opting for is the best or not:
1. Allows you to host your own Ads
2. Avoid free trial offers because half your site will be lost since the great features offered at the beginning will not be available anymore.
3. Things can go wrong, so they have to have a reachable customer support, if any at all.
4. Possesses a user-friendly HTML editor which will allow one to create pages easily.

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January 31, 2011

How to Choose the Host For a Website

Web development and hosting is an exciting field to be in right now. Perhaps one might be unsure as to which website that would be best to host a particular website that one might want to start. There might be a blog which one might want to move to a more formal site. Whatever the reason, one wants to make sure that one gets quality pricing, hosting, and maintenance rates for one’s site.

Quality pricing for web hosting really depends on the provider selected. For example, if one web host offers a hosting service that is high-quality but the pricing is too expensive, one may want to think about revisiting who is going to be doing a website’s hosting. Maintenance is also a key issue. Does the web hosting include some type of webmaster or website admin? A quality site should ideally have a webmaster attached so that any broken links can be repaired, and so forth. This might be extra, and might not be included with the web hosting plan selected, so it always pays to make sure that one knows exactly what one is getting for the price of the web hosting package cost.

Web development and hosting is a burgeoning field, and having one’s website hosted on a company’s server is an important step to take, whether having a blog formally hosted, or a business website. Whatever one’s needs, it is important to make sure that quality pricing, hosting, and maintenance rates are built-in to hosting costs.

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December 5, 2010

US increasing efforts to stop hackers

The US is now increasing efforts to prevent further leaks of confidential government documents. This comes right after an embarrassing fiasco involving the WikiLeaks site, which is now being forced by the government out of every possible web hosting service that is currently available on the Internet. None other than US Senator Joseph Lieberman had issued a press statement recently swearing to inquire with web service providers what their futures measures will be when faced with online users propagating illegally-obtained, highly-classified government data.

The WikiLeaks site has already published what is now no longer secret documents and diplomatic messages numbering in the thousands, causing extreme embarrassment not only to the US government but to their allies as well. The site makes use of a small number of DNS service providers in European networks in its bid to stay online. The website is now a priority target of non-stop Denial of Service (DoS) attacks which serve to ban users from getting access to illegal information.

The kind senator’s staff members were on the phone to contact Amazon.com, informing the site’s officers of its participation as a WikiLeaks host. Soon after the phone call, WikiLeaks publicly announced on Twitter that Amazon.com had turned its back on it, while the leading US online retail site later denied claims that their decision to oust the scandalous website was mainly due to Lieberman’s warnings. Instead, their main reason was that WikiLeaks had violated their terms of service by causing injury to persons and entities in government.

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December 15, 2006

New Pagerank Update?!

There’s been a new bot visiting my site lately. I think it might be a bot Google’s using for the next Pagerank update. It will be 3-4 weeks before we know if it’s right or not. Check out your site and see if there’s been a new Search Engine Bot, that’s visitored your site lately. Do this buy logging into awstats then look down the page until you see info about “Robots/Spiders visitors (Top 25) ”

“Only Time will tell”

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