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4 Tips to Optimize your Social Media Content

Gone are the days when SEO and social media did not mix. If you take one look at Google and Bing these days, you’ll also know social media content are also a part of the search results that are thrown up these days.

This makes it important for social media experts to pay closer attention to SEO especially if they want to direct traffic to their pages over the internet. For this you’ll have to think like an SEO experts as well.

So here are steps by which you can optimize your social media content:

#1: Keyword Research

Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool in order to look for keywords that your customers might be looking for. When you use this tool, look for the number of searches as well as the competition which ranges from medium, difficult and use them in your social media content.

#2: Use Social Segments for Tracking

Make sure you set up tracking for social segments in Google Analytics so that you know what’s happening in terms of numbers.

#3: URL Shorteners make a difference

Using a URL shortener will provide additional traffic to your site along with the usual amounts of traffic as well. Just make sure that you use a service that also makes a provision to be able to track the traffic that comes in to your site.

#4: Make sure your content can be linked to easily

Building direct links to your site is important. One of the ways by which you can increase traffic is by adding buttons such as StumleUpon, Facebook and Twitter. A simple way to handle this is by making the link to your page available so that people can share wherever they would like.