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Common mistakes companies make with their mobile presence

Article by Wesley Virgin.

We are rapidly moving towards a mobile-first world, and companies understand the need for a mobile presence. Unfortunately, although they end up with a mobile presence, they end up getting it wrong. Here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid:

Mobile app

Do not assume that your company’s path to mobile users is through an app. The list of most downloaded apps only included two apps that were not social, games or content distribution. It is better to build a great web presence rather than an app that nobody will use.


When creating a mobile experience, ensure that it is different than your desktop experience. Most websites have a responsive layout that serves them the same content in both screen sizes. Users have very different needs when browsing the same resource on a computer versus a mobile device.


Desktop web experiences have additional content like infographics and downloadable Pdf files. DO not present this content as-is to mobile users. You should resize the infographics, so they fit on a mobile screen or create one for mobile users such that it still serves its purpose.


Another issue is that companies forget that mobile users include tablet users in addition to smartphone users. The tablet form factor presents opportunities and challenges.


Probably the most egregious issue by companies is ignoring local optimization for your content and mobile experience. Avoid a one-size-fits-all for content and localize for each area and region that you operate.

About the author, Wesley Virgin:
With his bold ideas on marketing and serial entrepreneurship, Wesley Virgin has developed an online following. From his days as a college dropout to his 4 years of service in the U.S. Armed Forces, Wesley Virgin went from humble beginnings to overnight millionaire success. His multitude of experiences as a computer engineer, personal trainer, and small business owner have taught him the patience and vision needed to succeed in the world of business.