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Solve remote work issues with data center colocation

Blog provided by Electric Kitten

Remote work brings many benefits. You can hire people regardless of location, and as study after study finds, you end up with happier employees. However, technology and security are yet to catch up to this pandemic era necessity. People use their own laptops, which might not meet the company’s security requirements. What do you do?

The answer is to setup your own remote workstations. Microsoft launched a similar product on its cloud hosted server. However, using that still puts your security at the mercy of another provider. Also, there are unforeseen and hidden costs along with other restrictions that might not make it a viable option for some.

Setting up your own remote workstations for employees is easy. First, choose a data center location that is central to most of your employees. This provides for as low latency as you could possibly hope with internet connections. Next use your own hardware to host your own virtual machines. A single click and a few minutes are all it will take to provision a new workstation. With the right licensing plan, there will be a marginal cost for each new additional workstation.

With such a setup, a new employee could have a remote desktop ready and waiting on their first day, with an OS and software setup with all the necessary licensing and security policies considered. All it took was reuse of existing resources.

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