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Understanding The Importance of a Data Center

Several different types of data centers can be found when it comes to hosting and colocation. in and around your area. Understanding the importance of these centers and what they are can help you choose the best one for your company.

What Is a Data Center?

Computers and telecom equipment are kept in a building called a data center, like the Los Angeles Colocation provider Electric Kitten. The three main objectives of data centers are to:

Organizational computing and storage resources.

Access to those resources via the network.

In addition to power, cooling, security, and fire protection, telecommunications are also provided as support services.

The Importance of A Data Center

Data centers are now essential to our economy and way of life. They make it possible for both big and small businesses to operate effectively and for crucial government functions. Have you used your email service today? It is most likely operating at the data center that is nearest to you. Think of it as a company that handles your web hosting.

The physical infrastructure of a data center is typically composed of:

Raised flooring for cabling

Cabinets to store your servers and equipment

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Backup generators

Environmental controls such as air conditioning units, smoke detectors, and so on

Security systems

The server farm is the beating heart of most data centers, where tens of thousands of servers operate continuously to provide processing capacity for websites, email apps, corporate intranets, big-data analytics projects, you name it.

Servers always produce heat. Data centers must have sophisticated cooling systems that can effectively remove enough heat from the surrounding air to prevent servers from overheating and failing.

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