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2 Simple tips to increase serps!

Serps play a vital role in the success of most sites. This being the better serps you have, the more traffic you can expect though search engines. I mean who would not want to be the first result for the search term “porn” or “free”. Anyway, I’m going to talk about 2 methods that usually don’t get paid much attention, that should.

  1. Don’t buy a domain unless you must. Google has “delay” for new domains, your best of to use your existing domain or if at all possible. If you’re redesigning or starting from scratch and you have to use a brand-new domain for some reason, you can expect to the good part of a year before your site will show up in Google for any keyword phrases that are relevant to you.

  1. Program your site to be index friendly. The search engines can’t fill out forms, can’t search your site, can’t read JavaScript links and menus and navi bars, and can’t index graphics. I’m not trying to say you must have only simple html on your site. You can have a lot, but you do need to provide alternate means of browsing your site as it is beneficial. Make sure you have HTML links in the main navigation on every page.