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3 SEO Content Writing Tips

Improving your search engine ranking is probably a common objective for anyone who publishes content over the web. So, in order to do this, you will have to understand and apply the elements of SEO that go into your content reaching a wide audience.

So, here are 3 SEO content writing tips:

#1: Quality Content Matters

While SEO is indeed important what you must focus on when it comes to preparing content is that it should relevant, interesting and should be free of plagiarism. Only if your content can meet these standards will you be able to use the full potential of the internet, and reach a wide base of customers. As always, cop-and-paste work is almost surely damaging to your search engine ranking – so avoid it like the plague!

#2: Article Length & Keyword Density

Web copy and directory submissions allow articles to be anywhere from 300 to 1000 words in length. Blogs and social media posts can be shorter. As for the keyword length, it’s a good idea not to cram keywords into a post but to keep it to one keyword per 50 to 100 words. For this, the best thing to remember is that you should spread your keywords evenly throughout the post.

#3: Add Meta-descriptions

Meta-descriptions are a 150-word description that introduces your article in the search engine rankings, and is another way by which you can optimize your article or post. Remember to add your keywords into the meta description but also avoid keyword stuffing here as well.