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5 Timeless Content Writing Tips from Masters of the Written Word

How would you like to write better?

No, this is not just for writers but for those who communicate using the written word as well, using the mediums of text messages, instant messaging and email. In that sense, we’re all writers.

So, here are 5 timeless content writing tips from masters of the written word:

#1: Write all the time

The only way that anyone can get better with writing (or communicating) is by writing continuously rather than sporadically, and from time to time. Great writers claim that writers who can’t wait to write when they have a free minute are actual writers.

#2: Keep it simple

It’s easier to write with complexity rather than to write with simplicity. Writing is anything but long and drawn out. Yet when you are able to communicate your thoughts in the simplest way possible, the effectiveness of your writing becomes evident – through your readers.

#3: Thrive on Criticism

Your readers are the ones who will either tell you whether you are writing well or aren’t. And it is a good thing that some of the best writer didn’t trust the praise but actually made the most of heckling that comes with this profession.

#4: Cut the boring parts out

Your goals when writing anything should be to get the reader’s attention. Usually with the short attention span over the internet, it becomes important that what you are publishing is of use or interesting or both. So remove anything from the write up that feels boring, and which people would skip.

#5: Eliminate unnecessary words

Words like extremely, really, actually and very are not the wisest words that you can add in a write up. It doesn’t do anything but get in the way of expressing your thought clearly.