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3 Steps to Building a Social Media Strategy From Your Competitors

If you aren’t able to create a social media strategy for your business, thanks to the lack of data or for any other reason, all you have to do is spy on your competitors.

In all probability, they have already done most of the hard work, and all you need to do is do some research on their social media plan in order to come up with yours.

So, here are 3 ways by which you create a social media strategy of your own:

#1: Compare audience size

First, find out which social networks your competitors are on and one can easily do this by checking the links to social media profiles at their website.

#2: Measure engagement

Of course, it’s not about the number of fans or followers your competitors have but how they engage with these people. There are a number of reports that help you to do so namely such as Simply Measured, Facebook Competitive Analysis Report, Twitter Customer Service Analysis Report, Google+ Page Report and Instagram User Report.

You can get an in-depth analysis of the engagement they enjoy in the form of graphs and numbers and so on and so forth.

#3: Check profile setups

The final step to analyzing the competition is by looking at how they’ve set their profile up while also looking at how they make up of components such as cover photos, descriptions, Links as well as the posts they make and the responses they get.