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3 Tips to Find Your Own Unique ‘Writing Voice’

One of the most important elements of launching a successful blog of your own is finding your own unique voice. There’s just no other way.

Simply put, your unique ‘writing voice’ is the manner in which you write that will enable your reader to ‘hear’ you even though your blog consists only of words and sentences.

So, here are 3 tips that will help you find your own unique ‘writing voice’:

#1: Write as if you are talking

One simple way to know whether you did write like you talk is by reading what you write aloud. If it doesn’t sound like you, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board again.

When working on a blog, it’s a good idea to record yourself speaking about the topic before you write it out. When you’re done writing the blog, you’ll notice the difference!

#2: Forget about conventions initially

Writing, for all practical purposes, conveys a message in clear and simple English. However, in adhering to ‘standard English’ strictly, and that would please your high school teacher, this could result in the stifling of your creativity.

So, when you write your first draft, free yourself by writing in a free-flowing manner minus these rules especially if ignoring them conveys your message far more clearly.

#3: Write about what you know

One of the biggest mistakes that bloggers can make is to pick topics that are popular or sound smart. The problem with this is that the resulting effort does not bring out their unique voice or style but merely a reproduction of facts that they even get wrong sometimes. The reason for this is because these topics are not dear to their hearts.

So, it goes without saying that in order for one to write – they must write about they know and feel passionately about.