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3 Ways To Use Social Media to Launch a Product

Social media has changed everything – for the better, presumably. Marketing, in particular, costs a fraction of what one would require to launch a product or service. It’s probably also the reason why a number of small businesses have come up as well.

Think about it: there’s no reason why this shouldn’t apply to you as well. So, here are 4 ways to use social media for a product launch:

#1: A Teaser Campaign on Facebook

Every product launch begins with a thought. However, with marketing an integral part to its success, it’s always a good idea to brainstorm constantly as to how you can use social media to tease people into knowing as to what you intend to launch. One way to do this is to add Facebook posts with or without images long before you intend to launch the product itself.

#2: Create a Personal Video

Creating a personal video which you can share with both an offline and online audience is an excellent way to launch your product. Your best approach would be to talk about the need while only hinting slightly about the solution that you intend to launch in some time.

#3: Make Your Launch Educational

If you already use various social media platforms, one way to get more attention is to make your launch educational. For example, teach the audience on how to launch by using your launch as the example itself. Make sure you under-emphasize your launch and prepare tips and techniques that are valuable.