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4 Upcoming Facebook Policy Changes from February 2015 Onwards

Most marketers will be glad to be kept abreast of the changes that are due to Facebook from February 1, 2015.

This is for the simple reason that it changes the way people use Facebook and which will require marketers to adjust their strategy as a result.

While there are a number of policies that will stay the same, here are 4 upcoming changes on Facebook:

#1: Privacy Basics

The biggest effort, in terms of these changes, is to clarify what their Privacy terms better. For this, they rolled out Privacy Basics so as to how you what you see, what others see about you or even how they interact with you.

#2: Facebook Services

Services such as mobile app, Messenger app, Paper, Rooms, Page Manager, Audience Insights among others are now covered clearly by the terms. Each of them will have their own privacy policies or their supplemental terms. Since a cross-connection exists, you can use them to recover your password for Instagram.

#3: Cookies Policy

Facebook has changed their Cookie Policy which will mention that they are assisting service providers, who will help you to buy stuff when using Facebook from your phone. Of course, this only applies if you choose to buy using your phone.

#4: Data Policy

With this policy, Facebook explains that they will collect device location information either by using GPS, WiFi or BlueTooth. Of course, this isn’t a new policy but one that has changed since Facebook did not explicitly mention Bluetooth or GPS.