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How to Write Creatively for Boring B2B Topics

Creative content writing is easiest especially when the topics in question are about sports, entertainment, technology or even fashion. How about toilet seats? Garbage cans?

Yes, writing (and selling) these topics can seem extremely difficult and really boring. More often than not, it’s downright boring but the truth is that you can turn things around by changing your approach a bit.

Here are three tips by which you can still continue to write creatively especially when you have boring B2B topics:

#1: Problem-Solving approach

Almost every product or service fills a need or solves a problem. One of best ways by which you can stay relevant and create interesting content is focus on the problems and solutions that your potential customers might need.

Writing about your product all the time will skew your views on what is important and what isn’t. What this approach will do is make you a resource that customers will come to – paving the way for more business.

#2: Stay Relevant

Again, staying focused on your product or service results in not remaining relevant to the changing times. You have to know how to connect what your business offers to what the world cares about at the moment. This will take some creativity to make these connections.

#3: Develop content as media would

One interesting way by which you can create content is by taking a media-like approach. Conducting interviews with government authorities, respected experts and even CEOs will interest potential customers, no matter how boring the business is. Not only will you have interested customers but you can pitch your business to the company itself indirectly with a thank you note.