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Mainstream or Resleller Hosting?

Domains play a vita role with the out-come of any website or serious domain trader. With that said, there’s 2 main paths to follow – Mainstream or Reseller.

What are the differences? A “Mainstream” registrar is a company that either independently sells the domains, or offers reseller packages to resellers. A reseller will go to the Mainstream company and ask for a reseller package. A reseller package is similar to a hosting reseller package. Where the reseller will sell the Mainstream’s companies product but under a different brand. Now which is better, the big company or the small guy who tries to make a profit?

The small guy may in some cases be better as he strives to make a profit and gain more exposure. But in most cases the big company will have a phone number, 1 on 1 live support and email support.

The verdict : Mainstream in most cases. ( www.godaddy.com ) – ( www.namecheap.com ) <- both Mainstream.