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Quality or Quantity?

It’s been a long known fact for webmasters that, content is the king. With no content a website is worthless and pointless.. Content is also a major fact for search engine optimization, to improve your search engine ranking position’s. Search engines totally love to see fresh and new content regularly added to a website. When adding content to your website, should webmasters focus on quantity or quality? A large number of bad articles may increase serps and search engine traffic, but the visitors may not come back if your content is bad.

So which to choose? Well, lets go back to the basics. No site can do “great” without some good search engine ranking positions. It is possible sites can do well using other means but search engine ranking positions is a vital key. One smart person once said “everything is good in moderation” This is highly relevant. With this blog, I’m getting 30-40 uniques a day from search engines, but at the same time my returning visitor are high and my content is reasonably good. (well at least I think so!)