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Search Engine Optimization and Tips

One this many Bloggers and Site owners do are make the wrong choices with their Blog thinking it’s for the better. I’m going to talk about some of the main mistakes many people do.

– Playing around with your robots.txt file. If you edit your robots.txt file in the wrong way or delete something that’s needed, your site could face a penalty or even a ban. So it’s best to seek good advice.

– Using the wrong SEO methods in general. If you’re a more advance webmaster you might try some black hat methods or “darker” methods. These are not always “bad” things but they can get your site penalized or banned. So try to stop keywords stuff, keywords typos, bad promo techniques.

– Unique title tags. One must for all my templates is each Blog post/Page must contain a unique title tag that’s the same as the post or page title. Search Engines totally love this :]

– Too much Javascript, Flash, or bad coding. Flash writing can’t be indexed there for the content on it does not help you at all. Javascript can be indexed but only to a certain extent.