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The Best Web Design Resources Available on The Web

Web Design is a vast field and can be a bit daunting for the beginner as he works his way through a maze of rules, tips, and tricks that can bring success in this field. But for those who have climbed this mountain and are at the top, they would have compiled a lot of helpful information for those who are at the bottom.
So, here is a list of the best web design resources that are available on the Web today that span topics such as Usability, Web Marketing, and design in general:
#1: SitePoint.com
Apart from just web design, this site has top quality information about anything on the Web today. They not only provide you information on how you can promote, build, and profit from your site but they also have a forum where you can get your most pressing questions answered.
#2: HTML Help by the Web Design Group
Most experts refer to this site if they need references for HTML or CSS.
#3: World Wide Web Consortium
Very simple, this site writes standards for the Web. And it is no surprise that DOM, HTML, XHTML, XML and CSS are produced and maintained by this site.
#4: PageResource.com
This website focuses on anything and everything related to building a website. It covers information related to HTML, PHP, JavaScript and Perl and is presented to users in the form of articles, tutorials and forums.