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Increase Online Sales with SEO Shopping Carts

Competition for online sales is fierce. Small businesses and e-commerce companies must constantly search for new ways to improve website sales, from launching the latest social media marketing strategies to enhancing the look of their site. While there are many factors to consider when improving the sales effectiveness of a site, here is a look at SEO shopping cart software — a sure way that online companies can increase website sales and “transform mere surfers into spenders.”

A search engine-friendly shopping cart can greatly help to increase your website traffic and online sales. However, not all SEO shopping carts are the same. For example, you want a search-engine optimized shopping cart that allows for the creation of unique, custom-written title tags. You also want a shopping cart that is user-friendly for your customers. This is why we recommend the latest MUST HAVE shopping cart called AscenderCart.

Along with offering the best in standard shopping cart features – including premium security, a simple shopping experience and product management tools — AscenderCart’s SEO shopping cart features include custom keyword rich URLs, image ALT attributes, page titles, anchor text, Header H1 tags, configurable Meta keywords, configurable Meta descriptions and much more. These features increase traffic to your site and ultimately increase sales.

Online companies and small businesses who want to learn more about the SEO shopping cart features provided by AscenderCart can do so by visiting the company’s website. In an effort to educate clients on basic SEO tactics and procedures, the company is offering a FREE SEO training manual for merchants, business owners and non-profit organizations.