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WP Post Puller

WP Post Puller is a plugin by Luke Meshios and Krakjoe. This plugin displays posts from the last X amount of days.

Demo: look at “Entries for the last 5 days” in the sidebar.



  1. Download the Plugin File
  2. Unzip WP-post-puller.zip and extract the file WP-post-puller.php
  3. Upload WP-post-puller.php via FTP to you WordPress plugin folder (wp-content/plugins)
  4. Activate the Post Puller plugin in your WordPress Plugins admin panel
  5. Execute it in either index.php or sidebar.php by adding the following code where you want it to appear:
    <?php pull_posts(); ?>

    [You can also add it to the sidebar via the Executable PHP (or similar) widget, if you use a widget-ready theme and have installed Sidebar Widgets]

  6. You can change the default of 5 days by changing line 11 of the file (where it says “$days = 5”) accordingly

Have fun!

If you want to automatically be informed of updates to plugin, use the Notify Me feature below:

Comments on WP Post Puller »

January 12, 2007

Darlene @ 7:50 pm

No matter where I put the above code, I get this message — Fatal error: Call to undefined function: cypher_todayposts() in /home/damiara/public_html/guitar-lesson/wp-content/themes/boxy-but-gold/sidebar.php on line 87. What am I doing wrong?

admin @ 8:56 pm

Have you activated the plugin in the WordPress Plugins admin panel?

January 14, 2007

Scott Smith @ 6:11 am

I believe the line to include in your side bar (whatever template file) is . That made it work on borderlinebarbie.com.

Scott Smith @ 6:12 am

Sorry, I guess I should have figured out that a php line would disappear in comments. 🙂 Instead of cyper_todayposts, try pull_posts.

admin @ 12:20 pm

@ Scott – you are absolutely correct … I’m a klutz and inserted the wrong code when updating the page 🙁

I’ve changed the instructions to reflect the correct code.

@ Darlene and the others who were stumped by my wrong instructions, my apologies!

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