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3 Tips to Help You Write User-Friendly Web Content

It’s not an easy task writing website content. This is not just about text but includes videos, images, charts and download files if and when necessary.


Given that how difficult preparing the right content is for your users as well as those you collaborate with, it should be more than obvious that a little planning and strategy will go a long way in writing excellent web content.

That said, here are 3 tips that can help you write user-friendly web content:

#1: Evaluating your current website content

Measure the usefulness of your content by asking whether it is accurate, if anything is missing and whether it is useful to its readers. Make sure you check the prices to see if the information is correct. Most of all, ensure that you have a clear objective for each piece of content.

#2: Know Your Target Audience

When you identify who your target audience is, that’s half the job done. Once you know this, you’ll know what to say (through your content) that will both appeal and inform the right audience. Once this is done, it’s easy to determine what kind of content one needs to add to all visitors that come to your website.

#3: Use Sitemaps as Blueprints

If you the analogy of building a website to a house, the sitemap of the website is like the blueprint that architects first construct. Without this plan, you might have a house that is missing certain must-have rooms in that sense.

For this, there is software that can help you organize the information such as Xmind as well as Microsoft Word’s Organization Chart.