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3 Ways to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Through Blogging

Blogging has been known to aid social media marketing efforts. So, if you haven’t integrated blogging with social media, it’s time to give this approach some thought.


With that said, here are 3 ways to enhance your social media marketing efforts through the power of blogging:


#1: Share Blog Posts in Social Media Updates

If you aren’t sure of what to add to your Facebook updates, posting links to your blogs aren’t such a bad idea at all. What you need to keep in mind is that you maintain the 80/20 rule – which in this case, pertains to 80% of posts being non-promotional and 20% being promotional in nature.


#2: Make Sharing Simple

Since the objective is to drive more traffic to your posts, making it easy for your audience to share these posts should only help that objective along quite nicely. Not only will you gain more subscribers and readers but it will also act as social proof that validates the content published by your business.


A couple of way by which this can be achieved is by adding social sharing buttons on your blog either at the top or bottom of your posts. Also, you can ask your readers to share these posts as well.


#3: Redirect Social Advertising Links to Your Blogs

Sometimes the social advertising directed to your site might not get any traffic, and if you are facing this, then it’s time to redirect those links to your blogs instead. The only rule that applies here is that this will only work if your posts can be classified as valuable content and is directed at an audience that are also your potential customers.