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Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design

One of the simplest rules in web design is the fact that a website has been designed for its users. While there are several designing errors that have been committed for a long time now, the ones that deter users from having a pleasant experience when they visit a website is the worst of the lot.

So here are a few errors that are considered to be web design no-no’s and that should be avoided at all costs:

#1: The Lack of Simple Search

Search engines these days accommodate for the usual typos, hyphens, plurals and so on and so forth in trying to get at what the user is looking for. There shouldn’t be any reason why searching for information at a particular site has to be difficult. Ensure that a simple ‘Search’ box is available at your site.

#2: The Use of PDF Files

One of the most irritating instances when one browses is when they come across a PDF file as it completed breaks their flow. Most of the time, PDF documents on the web will display as tiny fonts and the functionality of smooth scrolling is compromised. So, avoid PDF files and stick to web pages.

#3: Too Much Text

When a user opens a web page and finds a large block of text, the task of reading become arduous, painful and boring, to say the least. Remember that you are writing for the web and not for print so using methods such as sub-headers, bulleted lists, short paragraphs and a simple writing style is the best way to go.