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3 Ways to Look for New Customers Using LinkedIn

With 161 million members, there’s no doubt that there no dearth of untapped potential on LinkedIn especially if you are selling to businesses.

If you are looking for leads, then there’s no better place to begin than on LinkedIn since even most executives in the Fortune 500 are present on LinkedIn.

So here are 3 ways by which you can use LinkedIn to find prospects:

#1: Develop both connection and get in touch second-degree connections

Your first-degree connections are people who you are directly connected to on LinkedIn while your second-degree connections are those people that the latter are connected. So, a thumb of rule for anyone who wants to exploit these types of connections, the warmer your relationship is with your first-degree connections, the easier it will be to get in touch with second degree connections.

#2: Watch the Newsfeed

When you click “Home” on LinkedIn, you’ll find updates from your connections, and almost always there is someone who they are connected to that you will like to be introduced to. Often, this part of LinkedIn is ignored for others but the truth is that you can not only make new connections this way (that leads to getting business) but you can also use it for competitive advantage since viewing their updates regularly will keep you in touch – and you can use InMail to get in touch with the prospect.

#3: Search for new business on LinkedIn Groups and Answers

One of the best places to start looking for prospects is LinkedIn Groups and Answers where you can answer questions (by offering your expertise) for those who are potential prospects and then start building relationships with them. Just remember to be helpful (no pitching immediately please!) at the beginning.