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June 13, 2011

Common Mistakes That Every Freelance Writer Should Avoid

To say the least, freelance writing is one of those careers that are difficult to keep up with. In order to have a successful career in freelance writing, you must be able to prove that your writing is superior in a market that is competitive as there are several good writers out there.

Yet it’s much more than just good content writing as there are some realistic demands that must be met from time to time, and regardless of how good your writing might be, it won’t matter if you make some common mistakes that have caused loss when it comes to freelance writers:

Mistake #1: Unprofessional and Irregular Communication

A significant part of your life as a freelance writer is communication with your employer at meetings via Skype, over the phone or even by chat or email. Being unprofessional and irregular will not please your employer especially since their success largely depends on getting the content required at an agreed timeline. Using unprofessional language is also an immediate no-no.

Mistake #2: Missing Timelines set by employers

Most employers tend to have timelines for the work that they have allotted to their freelance contractors, and if you want to be successful as a freelance writer, you have to learn to submit your writing assignments within the given timeline or else it turns out to be an issue that your employer won’t be able to ignore.

Mistake #3: Delivering low quality work

While there are some people who deliver good work time after time, there are others who tend to hurry things up as a writer and deliver low-quality work. Please avoid this as much as possible as this is a very important reason why you will be successful as a freelance writer (although it isn’t the only thing). The better work you put out, the more chances you have to earn a lot more money in this career.

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